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An Original Comic for Geeks, by Geeks

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Coming Soon, Bitch!

Created by oryon and ultimatelewser

The story is about well...fanboys, one fangirl, and their adventures through life.

If you liked Free Enterprise, you might like this.

If you know Mallrats by heart, you might love this.

If you were labeled a "dork" in high school, this...is for you.

Disclaimer: Neither of us own any of the characters or references that are mentioned, but are by their respective owner. However, we are not doing this to make money, it is for your entertianment. So with that said, enjoy



The unproclaimed "leader" of the group, Warren perhaps is the biggest geek of them all, with a collection of 326 different comic books (and growing), 42 DVDs (and growing), and 89 video cassettes (growth stunted). Of course with all his useless knowledge, he still often strikes out with the opposite sex. Over the past five years he has had 6 different girlfriends, and has barely spoken to any of them since they've broken up. But even when his love life is in the slump, Warren can always count on the company of his life-long friends.


Adam is considered the "George Harrison" of the group: he doesn't say or do much, but when he does it's an exceptional contribution. Though very shy, Adam is a talented artist and creator. He likes to draw, paint, sculpt, photograph, and make prints. Though not as passionate about comic books as his peers, all his life he has felt more or less like an outcast, feeling he's never been able to fit in. With Warren and the rest he feels at home and at peace.


Jeff is officially the "runt" of the group. Though short in stature, he can punch as hard as the rest of them. His music tastes differ from month to month, and he doesn't really have a fashion sense. Though always a comic-lover, the "big brothers" (aka Marvel and DC) hold no appeal to him. He prefers the independent books. When he's not going on a rant about police brutatily, he's getting his mack on with a hottie at the laundromat, and usually scoring her number. Leaving his friends dazed and confused.


Ben is often labeled the wannabe of the gang. He wants to be numerous things: a musician, though he lacks talent. A writer, though he doesn't possess the concentration. An actor, though he has stage fright. So, what does he tell the ladies what he does in his spare time? All of the above. Aside from being the "Renaissance Man" he claims to be, Ben likes to collect Anime and Manga, specially imported from Japan. He also is a master at fighting video games and is currently the Rival Schools champion. Hail to the King, baby. Though his aspirations of fame and forutne get the best of him at times, his friendship with the crew keeps him grounded as well.


Ryan has both the pleasure and misfortune of being the only girl who really hangs out with these guys. She's both a tomboy and a girly-girl; she likes to be known as Ryan, which is her middle name, so that she feels like one of the boys. She often likes to make costumes for the group for movie premieres and just for fun. Her and Warren have a past, one that they really don't talk about. She is President of the South Eastern Chapter of the Dominic Monaghan Fanclub.


To call Claudius the "token black guy" would be a great injustice to who he really is. He's a combination of Roadblock from GI Joe, with the wisdom of Mace Windu, and the smart-ass mouth of Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction. His brother is Lil' Big from the superstar rap group, the Outsyders, and therefore gets the hook-up at nearly every comicshop in a 35 mile radius. He is the biggest Ultimate Warrior fan. You disrespect the Warrior, you better run and run far and fast.


Why do they call him "Sandboxxx"? Because 1) he's of Persian descent, and 2) no one knows how to pronounce his real name. He is Claudius' sidekick, partner-in-crime, and supplier of bootleg DVDs. Like Claudius, he has a certain liking to the Warrior, but a somewhat creepy infatuation with the Punisher. How creepy? He named his daughter Frank Castle.