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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2004|10:28 am]

Hi there.
I'm Lan, aka Oryon, one of the mods of fanboyscomic.
How are you?
I'm fine, thanks for joining us.
Okay, we have most of the script done for the first issue.
Ultimatelewser, aka Lew, has most of the character pics done in a 100 x 100 icon-like thing.
I hope you conitnue to enjoy the comic, as we enjoyed making it.
There is a warning though, if you ain't dork enough, you're probably not going to get the jokes and whatnot.
However, if you enjoy the taste of X-Men and Kevin Smith and your local comic book store owner knows you by first name, then you'll more than likely have a good time here.
Okay, well I guess I will see you laters.
buh bye
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